Here is What Our Customers are Saying

“I signed up for a review course with another provider, and then a friend told me about the Lone Star FE review course. I decided to also sign up for Lone Star, meaning I sat through two review courses in the same month. I can honestly say that the Lone Star FE review was far superior to the other course, both in terms of content and course delivery.
The Lone Star FE review instructors both have experience writing questions for the actual exam, understand the new format of the exam, and are willing to answer all student questions. In addition, the Lone Star FE practice exams were more similar to the actual exam than the questions supplied by the other review provider. In retrospect, I should have taken only the Lone Star FE review. I could not have passed the exam without Lone Star FE.”


“I took the exam in 2012, under the new format. Needless to say, I was very worried that I would be unprepared because my certificate program was completed in 2011 under the old exam format. I’m so glad I found the Lone Star FE review course! Both of the instructors were dead on with respect to the style and content of the exam. While the exam was extremely difficult, I felt confident that I had passed. Fortunately, when my results came in eight weeks later, I did pass!!! Lone Star FE saved me probably 200 hours of study time by focusing on the important content for the exam. I still use some of the Lone Star materials for my job (especially the retirement plan cheat sheet).”


“Lone Star FE is hands down the most efficient and effective way to prepare for the CFP® Exam. Nowhere else did I find more CFP®-worthy questions to practice. That mere fact alone would have been enough to prepare me, but the instructors’ command of not just the material, but of its actual delivery to the students, is what separates this program from the others. I couldn’t have asked for more practical and actionable guidance. I’m glad I followed my instincts and signed up for the Lone Star FE review.”